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Graphite products for aluminum evaporation

  • Graphite crucible

    Graphite crucible

    This kind of graphite crucible is specially used for aluminum coated film production under vacuum condition. Quality of graphite crucible will greatly affect film quality and production cost. Vacuum evaporation aluminum coating is a process under vacuum condition to coat aluminum onto film substrates to form a composite film. Such as substrates as BOPET, BONY, BOPP, PE, PVC, direct evaporation transferring process usually applied. The vacuum evaporation aluminum coating process requires high quality graphite crucible, and we are capable of stable and quality supplying.

  • Graphite felt

    Graphite felt

    Graphite felt is divided into pitch-based graphite felt, polyacrylonitrile-based (PAN-based) graphite felt, and viscose-based graphite felt due to the different selection of original felts. The main purpose is to be used as heat preservation and heat insulation materials for monocrystalline silicon smelting furnaces. In the chemical industry, it can be used as a filter material for high-purity corrosive chemical reagents.

    Carbon felt is graphite felt after being treated at a high temperature of over 2000℃ under vacuum or inert atmosphere. The carbon content is higher than that of carbon felt, reaching more than 99%. At the end of the 1960s, graphite felt was already available in the world. Graphite felt is divided into pitch-based, polyacrylonitrile-based graphite felt and viscose-based graphite felt due to the different selection of the original felt.